Technical Briefs

2010-1  Winter Operations Survival Lessons   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2010-2  Part One - Traffic Safety Primer for Local Elected Officials   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2010-3  Part Two - What is a Traffic Impact Study and When is One Needed   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2011-4  Winter Operations Communication Plans   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2011-5  Guidelines for Hiring Tree Contractors   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2011-6  The Many Benefits of Warm Mix Asphalt   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2012-7  Countdown to the Narrowbanding Deadline   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2013-8  ADA Curb Ramp Compliance   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2014-1  Road Centerline and Edge Line Pavement Markings   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2014-2  T2 Center Tech Brief 2014-2 - Connecticut Local Roads Safety Plans   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2014-3  The When, Where and How of Mid-Block Crosswalks   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2014-4  Proper Posting of Speed Limits (Final)   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2014-5  Sharing the Road for Motorists, Pedestrians and Cyclists   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2016-1  Why Children at Play Signs are Not Recommended   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2017-1  Do Not Block Intersection - Signs and Markings   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2017-2  Municipal Crossing Guards   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2017-3  Urban Trees and Utility Pole Management   Tech Brief (PDF)  

2018-4  Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)   Tech Brief (PDF)